standing in the gap


Kumar* came to Power House in 1983. He was struggling with his heroine addiction and was ready for a change in his life. He stayed in Power House's program for over one year and through their support, prayer and perseverance he is no longer dependent upon heroine. During his stay he also learned several different skills, such as making bricks, doing construction work and learning how to run machines. As part of the program, Kumar* learned these skills so that he would be able to successfully integrate back into society. Now, Kumar* works a fisherman and knows the Lord. He still maintains a relationship with the employees at Power House, comes to their church programs and is living a happy, successful life free from addiction.

*Name has been changed


Mala* and her family struggled for a very long time before coming to CC. It began when her husband started to gamble. He would cheat people out of their money and soon he had several loans that he could not pay. He did not know what to do and so he decided to go abroad to make money. This meant that Mala* was home and had to provide for their children. She knew she needed help and Community Concern was there for her. CC helped her provide for her family by making string hoppers to sell but it was still not enough. Her children began CC's feeding program and she used the services provided by the baby clinic. Then Mala's* health began to fail her when she got a kidney problem. Again, she was no longer able to provide for her family. After hearing this, Mala's* husband came back from working abroad. After his arrival home, Mala's* husband found Jesus and their lives began to change. Mala* and her husband started working and volunteering for several of CC's projects. Through the many services at CC and finding the Lord, Mala* and her family are no longer struggling. She now has a strong, stable family and is able to provide for them.

*Name has been changed

  • Our volunteer lifeguard programme They are watchful, so that no lives are lost.
  • Our HIV drop-in-centre is the only support centre for positive people in the country
  • We help over 300 under-priviledged kids stay in school with tutoring
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