drug rehab

Power House Drug Rehabilitation Project was started in 1982 and today is a very successful project where young men, through residential care, can get free from drug addictions. The project provides counseling, medical assistance, emotional and spiritual support, as well as family support while these men are away for the six-month residential program. During rehab the 'brothers' receive vocational training and work in agricultural, poultry & livestock projects. After successful completion of the program, the men have several options; they can remain and become further involved with the project, or they can integrate back into their families. Those who have exited the program are members of a group known as the "Sons of Zebedee", which is a support group to the program and meets regularly.

Power House Program includes
  • Drug Rehabilitation Program
  • Sons of Zebedee (Support Group)
  • Family Camps
  • Income generation projects